Wednesday, August 05, 2009

thanks for the call

I got a voice mail from Buck about a session about 4 hours from then at his buddy's new backyard plaything. I have to say, I'd been a little intimidated just by his description of this track. Seriously. I didn't have a small-wheel bike, which this track really needs, I wasn't feeling 100%, and I thought I was having my menses, so I just needed to think of an excuse not to go.

I borrowed my neighbor's 20" GT, changed my wet panties, and hit the road thinking I was pretty cool driving up Interstate 81 with a BMX bike in the back of the wagon. Like, I shoulda been doing this at age 17, not 3o years later....

By far the most challenging pump track I've ridden (which is all of 4 of them..). It's not challenging in making it around without pedalling. The hard part is making it around without grabbing brake, and not looping out of the track into the fence. Like Raystown; speed control is it.

These boys were throwin' down. Floating, gapping, and manualling all over it. I was pretty content to work on smoothness and just stay on dirt. Got a few baby manuals late in the game to stoke the ego a hair.

Bonus was hitting Al's beer & pizza and catching Withers and Skippy there after their ride. Stone's 13th Anniversary Ale, Ten-Fidy, and Racer 5 all on tap.
a damn fine Tuesday evening.


brett said...

holy smokes! shoulda stopped at Al's on the way home. cool to see jason was there. i think i need to put one of these in the woods next to the house.

Jason Guenther said...

Glad you made it up Larry!!! Great vid and good times for sure. We need more pump and berm tracks in our communities!!!

Stubbie said...

dude... i wanna try.