Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Spruce Knob - just Grand, for now

Huckleberry Trail
the destination trail
from 4840' down to 3085' in about 6 miles

Judy Springs Trail,
I like to ride this after dropping most of Huckleberry.
It's hard to leave a mile of Huckleberry on the table, but the view.....

pretty easy to find your way around with all these sign and map thingys all over the place.

climbing Big Run Trail

Needed to see a lot more of these signs, on the trails specifically. It's hard to be a happy member of the hiker-biker-horser triad after seeing what we just saw.

check out the Sinks of Gandy while you're there too.
but, get there soon....


Tomi said...

yo, any idea what the 'Bear Hunter Trail' is like from the creek up to the Allegheny? curious if it's as gnarly a hike as the other option from the falls swim hole...

riderx said...

Great trip. My photos here

tomi - if it's anything like Tom Lick or Swallow Rock, which are the other options up to the ridge, it will be trashed from the horse hooves.

camps said...

Bear Hunter will be 600' in a mile of horsesh1t, whereas Horton is ~1000' in a mile.

No worries though, if you're riding there from Shenandoah Mountain, Bear Hunter will be the least of your adventures.

Tomi said...

do you know if that lower section of Huck & Horton up from the falls/swimmin' hole has been trampled? did ya'll get over that way?

camps said...

Did not get that way.
We dropped Judy
up Seneca
up Tom Lick & up Swallow the next day.