Thursday, March 27, 2008

secret mission

Took an old steel friend out for a ride. Left the house at 6:30 PM as an unexpected chance to pedal arose. Didn't take lights, didn't want to take lights. Only wanted to spin a little. I think last June was the last time I rode the road.

Monday, March 24, 2008

pics of others' fun

photo swiped from Surfline

It's been hard enough getting my head away from skiing. Especially still seeing all those epic pics from New England on the Telemarktips east coast thread. Then I find this from last week on the Outer Banks.

Speaking of skiing. I gotta hand it to Buchness and Quigley for finally going for the Tuckerman's trip. Talked about for years, they're finally gonna get it next month. It's always hard to give up a bike weekend in early April, but when it looks like these recent ones from Teletips..... Are you kidding!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Got out for a shorty ride tonight. After being sick for a week, and not riding beyond town since the Punk Bike, I was startin' to get a little Travis Bickle like. Still not totally out of the sickhole it seems. Big ideas were quikly scuttled on Lower Buckets. I traded any idea of greater elevation for the easy way over to Turtle. Highly enjoyed the Fat flow of the fix down a trail I never seem to ride. Learned that sometimes, even from many pedal strokes out, you can see when you're getting ready to go down. I got to practice lookin' for a landin' a couple times. Shortest Meeslow ride ever, but worth it.

Monday, March 10, 2008


From the man,
That video is not the first SM 100, but the second.
Made by Kevin Keane

Saturday, March 08, 2008

the first SM 100

I found this gem while moving stuff off my old computer to a new one. I've been moving this file around to many computers since 1999. Figured, might as well let Blogger store it too.

This is from Oct 2, 1999. The original Labor Day date was flooded out from a hurricane. Extra points for anyone who can remember the hurricane name??

Director Sportif Carpenter made this video. It has a great account of the front of the race. Cool seeing the lead group of 4 familiar guys dwindle down to one. Chris actually raced the first race, and, crashed on cue for us. Amazing seeing Eatough charge into the FS 85 turn. That is certainly not how I feel at that spot. Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Super Slab

My glamor shot from the weekend, taken at one of my favorite spots in the Shed. That bike looks small, it felt small, but it was fun to ride. Now I'm searching eBay for a 1" steerer, 29er rigid fork, so I can 69 it and fall off that side of the fence. I hope I don't find one.

thanks to Spearman for the photos and race logistics

Monday, March 03, 2008

MORE video

Try here for links to a MORE video that JoeP put together. Good stuff.

Some video of the Punk oughta pop up somewhere soon too.

2008 Punk Bike SS Enduro

Some drinking games in the woods with some mountain bike intervals in between.

trail conditions warranted a 4.0 front tire for Chris. he didn't pinch, but he did have some fun on the slanty rock

Captain Buck and Jim Casey. Casey hosts the summer version of the Punk at the Liberty Reservoir.

Tony didn't get the e-mail that said to bring a drinking vessel

was fun riding the Fatty fixy. Trying not to use front brake was fun, logs were fun, but those small wheels, I don't know about that again.

Cheryl & Lee bring home the Glasswear & the Cottonwear for their efforts.
King & Queen Punks for 2008

Kudos to Mr & Mrs Outlaw, Jason, Nate, RickyD, Darius, Spearman, Kegley and all who helped put this on. I'm newly motivated to train in the Punk Style. No use waiting for the end of the ride any more.

Nearly all photos stolen from someone in attendance.