Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Monday, June 23, 2008

Got in a shorty, almost dawn patrol ride yesterday before needing to be somewhere family social in the afternoon. Rode Buckets-Sand Rd-top of Spooge-Curran-Fire Tower-Turtle and back at the car by 10:30. No camera, no pretty sights, just smooth solo riding.

It's nearly the end of June, already into summer, and I have only done one race. That is so unusual. The Wednesday at Wakefield start this week, for the next 4 weeks. May make some of those since I may need a few more trips to the office soon. But, a look at Kim's schedule shows that I'd need to get someone else to pick Oliver up on 3 of those dates. So, maybe not ...

One of the benefits of this blog to me is to look back at old posts, like this giddy one about W@W last year. Surprised how differently I feel a year later. I also feel some subtle differences in my overall riding starting to creep in.

Two things are for certain, the 101 and the SM 100. Will I be more or less ready for those than previous years?

Sunday, June 22, 2008

das pack

Darius enlisted some trail helpers for a project.
We did some work, while the kids pulled a 4-mile walk.

the other point to the day seemed to remedy all the tired feet.

I've been thinking about trying to get a Friday evening 6-Pack Downhill series started in Michaux. Same deal as the H-burger's version. Ride/parade/hike up what you plan to race down, riders go off at 30-second intervals, entry fee is a 6-pack of beer/coke/milk, whatever. Winner takes all and shares all. It's not about the workout, and it's not about the long ride.

I can think of many good downhills to use in the Chambersburg area: Buckets, Turtle, Yellow Hill, Lollipop, Methodist Hill, Blue Blaze etc. I wonder if there'd be enough riders to make it fun? Once a month? Twice a month? Once a year? Of course, I can't even seem to make a regular Weds or Thurs night ride, so I guess I'm dreamin' out loud.

Also thinking about doing it the night before The Curse, but that's kind of upside-down to finish at Big Flat.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Tour Divide

Anyone following this?
Original Cupcake Reuben has been riding up front with Matthew Lee the whole way so far. They have a cool SPOT mashup of the riders' current positions. Their original map failed, apparently as Google changed their API one night recently. Many followers of the event jumped in and created their own map mashups for use on the site.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Had a nice 3-hour tour with Keith today in central Meeshow. These pictures are not of Keith. Good pace, good trails, cool stream at the end.

Sunday, June 08, 2008


4.5 hours of chasing this group up the hills. Felt like we climbed for about 3 of the first 4 hours.

the entrance gate to H or H Trail

After being crushed on the ride, but holding my own in the PRBs, I looked forward to getting crushed again by Oliver and the neighbors when I got home. Instead, we just rode down to the creek in our trunks and stayed right there for 2 hours. Niiiice! Needed that.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

lerned something

evening ride with an MBM guinea pig

did not miss the slab this time. Pay attention.

this is one damn fine trail.
next on the syllabus, C****n
and the skinnies

scenes from town

at the ice cream station on the rail-trail

Sunday, June 01, 2008

cross-eyed and torched

For the second week in a row we ended the ride with one more single-speeder than we started with. Wonderboy's full-squish SS worked out a lot better than last week's version, thanks to the good doctor. Doctor Tom. Surgeon. Mountain Biker. Singleator porter. A good man to have on any ride.

I did not go to the Hoo Ha as I had told many I would. That plan took a few hours to unravel as one King Cupcake started a mutiny which trickled down into our Hoo Ha group. None of the 3 of us slated to ride down in the Legend's van were super motivated, and it didn't take too much to push each of us to the local side of the fence. The local pot was sweetened for me by the inclusion of some fine northern Michaux trails like Weitzels, Vista, and Canyon that I don't often ride. Was bummed to not see the Virginia crew, and to have missed a chance to ride with the Frederick folk who did their own central Michaux ride today.

Instead, I hung at the back of a long train with my tongue hanging out. I had the camera, but didn't get much chance to pull it out with the pace. Woulda loved to get some shots of the sticky green rocky trail on the way to Vista, or of the nervy high skinnies, or the buff ferns, or the slabs of Canyon. Some real quality trail in there, photos another time.....