Sunday, June 22, 2008

das pack

Darius enlisted some trail helpers for a project.
We did some work, while the kids pulled a 4-mile walk.

the other point to the day seemed to remedy all the tired feet.

I've been thinking about trying to get a Friday evening 6-Pack Downhill series started in Michaux. Same deal as the H-burger's version. Ride/parade/hike up what you plan to race down, riders go off at 30-second intervals, entry fee is a 6-pack of beer/coke/milk, whatever. Winner takes all and shares all. It's not about the workout, and it's not about the long ride.

I can think of many good downhills to use in the Chambersburg area: Buckets, Turtle, Yellow Hill, Lollipop, Methodist Hill, Blue Blaze etc. I wonder if there'd be enough riders to make it fun? Once a month? Twice a month? Once a year? Of course, I can't even seem to make a regular Weds or Thurs night ride, so I guess I'm dreamin' out loud.

Also thinking about doing it the night before The Curse, but that's kind of upside-down to finish at Big Flat.


pabiker said...

Thanks for the help, you earned an invite to the maiden voyage with a movie star, the professor, and Mary Ann.

BUCK said...

If you build they will come, where and when should me and my sixpack show up?