Monday, June 23, 2008

Got in a shorty, almost dawn patrol ride yesterday before needing to be somewhere family social in the afternoon. Rode Buckets-Sand Rd-top of Spooge-Curran-Fire Tower-Turtle and back at the car by 10:30. No camera, no pretty sights, just smooth solo riding.

It's nearly the end of June, already into summer, and I have only done one race. That is so unusual. The Wednesday at Wakefield start this week, for the next 4 weeks. May make some of those since I may need a few more trips to the office soon. But, a look at Kim's schedule shows that I'd need to get someone else to pick Oliver up on 3 of those dates. So, maybe not ...

One of the benefits of this blog to me is to look back at old posts, like this giddy one about W@W last year. Surprised how differently I feel a year later. I also feel some subtle differences in my overall riding starting to creep in.

Two things are for certain, the 101 and the SM 100. Will I be more or less ready for those than previous years?

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pabiker said...

Racing is overrated unless you are laying it out on the road. Trailwork is where it is at.