Thursday, June 21, 2007

Wednesday night battle

Took that wimpy gear off for the first Wednesday at Wakefield race last night. My gear consultant (Albert) told me a 2:1 or harder would be perfect for the flowy fast course with banked turns, twisty creek love, and Rich's classic IMBA switchbacks. On went the 32x16.

If you've never done this race, it's hard to explain how an 11-mile suburban race next to the Capital Beltway can be so ridiculously fun. But, I know. This grassroots series has been part of my summer life for many years, and I had a grin on my face the whole drive over from my office in Fairfax. Yes, having to occasionally check-in at work in Fairfax gives me a great excuse to get down there for the races. There were 275 racers last night, so I must not be the only one jonesin' for a midweek adrenaline fix.

I lined up on the front row and was 4th heading into the singletrack. That quickly became 3rd as RickyD faded fast, and I thought I might have a leisurely ride in for 3rd. But, if you take your foot off the gas at all, someone's gonna be up your wheel in no time, and Paul G. and then Jon got around me. So, now I'm a happy 5th, oh well. On the last lap Paul started to come back to me and I hammered it on the jeep trail hoping my larger wheels would pull me past him. I had to work pretty hard to keep Paul back there, even after he slid out on a turn, he was right back within distance. At the last creek crossing I saw Jason, who'd been leading, putting his chain back on (for apparently the 3rd time). He jumped on ahead of me and gapped me, but he dropped his chain again, and I passed him for 3rd as he was running into the finish chute. Bummer for Jason, as he woulda easily beat us all.

The Bike Lane and PedalShop had the usual stocked coolers of rehydration formula, and then it was on to Kilroys with the crew for food and liquids (I had to drink H2O). Made it back to Chambersburg a little after midnight, which isn't so bad considering I sometimes get home from Darius' later than that after weeknight rides (with a lot less water in me).

from last year's finale

Reasons why I love W@W:
  • BMX in the woods
  • lots of places to catch air
  • the banked turns
  • the month-long trash talkin' and psych jobs (you're gonna run those tires with that gear?)
  • maxin' the heart rate for an hour
  • railing the creek trail without touching the brakes
  • the coolers
  • the Kilroys laps
  • 30 friendly SSers trying to kick your ass
  • I get to wear a dress without a lot of nosey questions


gmr2048 said...

Always photogenic. Thanks for the mad air-skillz. It definitely makes for more interesting photos than the run-of-the-mill riders.

Here's the shot I got of you sailing over the rocks last night.


gwadzilla said...

great write up...

I have always thought that our local film maker could do a quick fun movie short
maybe a little longer than a movie trailer worth of footage about the Single Speed WAW races

come on Jason Berry!

maybe he can film the Single Speed before he races next week

I wonder what class he will race?

I am still tired from last night's ride