Sunday, May 30, 2010

Hunkerson Gap attempt

the view from the house

Oliver, dad & friend shuttle me up

long GW ridgetop underused love

Mike rode all day in chaps and earplugs
he cut a couple dozen trees out before I had to bail off the front and run for home
[....we got maybe 75 total, which was 3 chainsaw tanks of fuel...]

I never found Hunkerson Gap Trail. I didn't make it far enough along the ridge and thought I already passed it. Things weren't looking right, so I turned back toward Mike and Susan still sawing a mile or so behind me.
greatly enjoyed the fruit of the freshy cut ridge back to Orkney Springs Trail.
they were out for 8 hours sawing and riding the ridge
peeps oughta get some traffic on that trail now while it's primo.
put it in le Tour

genteel lap around Tomahawk Pond


Perry County Boys Ray and Dave always deliver the grin

caught the pre-game for Ray's annual shindig in the Tuscarora

Thursday, May 27, 2010


work and play intersect,
mountain biking led me into maps in the first place
if anyone thinks there's any need to finish this map of the Rattling Creek trails, comment away

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Trailbuilding School, PA

this place is so unlike any other place I've ridden
it's not like anything else,
not like Michaux, the GW, the Shed, Stokesville
not like Raystown, Marysville, Schaeffer, Fountainhead
not like Canaan, Slatyfork, or Douthat

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Limited exposure

was the idea
park at the top of Canada Hollow
a short gradual twisty downhill singletrack
to an easy fireroad climb back to the car

it didn't seem that easy following O
there was a long push section on the trail I didn't expect
and the fireroad climb wasn't a snap either
he didn't seem to mind the push in the woods, chatting the whole time about the inventions he'll make when he moves to Japan

there was a pretty high level Freestyle BMX contest at one of the town's skateparks today. damn impressive stuff. pretty funny seeing so many of the competitors filling up their extra-large Burger King and Long John Silver cups with the Natural Light that was under the emcee's table.