Sunday, May 23, 2010

Trailbuilding School, PA

this place is so unlike any other place I've ridden
it's not like anything else,
not like Michaux, the GW, the Shed, Stokesville
not like Raystown, Marysville, Schaeffer, Fountainhead
not like Canaan, Slatyfork, or Douthat


brett said...

mr. whitcomb and company spent an eternity hiking those woods, striving to do things right. proof of what a legal trail system can be.

brett said...

btw--you need to try out Swatara.

Jonathan W. said...

So... where is it? Can I try it?

camps said...

Rattling Creek
near Lykens, PA

Jonathan W. said...

Excellent. Thanks. I drive past there every once in a while on the way north... be great to stop and try out a new trail.