Sunday, May 30, 2010

Hunkerson Gap attempt

the view from the house

Oliver, dad & friend shuttle me up

long GW ridgetop underused love

Mike rode all day in chaps and earplugs
he cut a couple dozen trees out before I had to bail off the front and run for home
[....we got maybe 75 total, which was 3 chainsaw tanks of fuel...]

I never found Hunkerson Gap Trail. I didn't make it far enough along the ridge and thought I already passed it. Things weren't looking right, so I turned back toward Mike and Susan still sawing a mile or so behind me.
greatly enjoyed the fruit of the freshy cut ridge back to Orkney Springs Trail.
they were out for 8 hours sawing and riding the ridge
peeps oughta get some traffic on that trail now while it's primo.
put it in le Tour

genteel lap around Tomahawk Pond

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