Thursday, June 28, 2007

Wednesday Wakefield 2

Here's a cool pic of The Pedalshop's Amy Marquis flying to her first win. Shot taken by Martin, who I haven't met, but I recognize his name from great photography of White Grass.

It's funny how much I like a race, where your finishing position can be decided within 30 seconds of the start. If you don't get the hole shot or close to it, you're likely to not move much for 3 laps. Last night I got the #2 hole and was comfortable behind Pearce. Actually, maybe too comfy, and too safe, because I started bunching up the guys behind me as I grooved and chilled on the flowy creek trail. As guys got up my wheel, I was awakened, and reminded that I was actually in a race, .... oh yeah, step on it. Four guys got around me and I settled in for happy 6th. Though even 6th didn't come easily as Frasketti and Aaron were bungee-ing off the back of me and nearly reeled me in at the end of the last lap.

My gear consultant Albert pre-rode the course Monday on a 34x16 and determined that it was the optimal gear. As he says, his bike "goes to 11". He gave me the clue in plenty of time to change my gear, but I didn't take it. Albert jumped up to 3rd from 6th last week, and I did the opposite. So, ....what will I run for the last 2 races?


Nick said...

I remember calling out to you on teh creek trail - "Larry - What's up, let's go!" or something like that.
Unusual to see you in party mode at the W@W, you're usually game on.

Amy said...

Good job dude, didn't realize you scored 2nd last Wednesday. Nice. Flattered to see my pic up there! Martin's a great photographer!