Sunday, June 01, 2008

cross-eyed and torched

For the second week in a row we ended the ride with one more single-speeder than we started with. Wonderboy's full-squish SS worked out a lot better than last week's version, thanks to the good doctor. Doctor Tom. Surgeon. Mountain Biker. Singleator porter. A good man to have on any ride.

I did not go to the Hoo Ha as I had told many I would. That plan took a few hours to unravel as one King Cupcake started a mutiny which trickled down into our Hoo Ha group. None of the 3 of us slated to ride down in the Legend's van were super motivated, and it didn't take too much to push each of us to the local side of the fence. The local pot was sweetened for me by the inclusion of some fine northern Michaux trails like Weitzels, Vista, and Canyon that I don't often ride. Was bummed to not see the Virginia crew, and to have missed a chance to ride with the Frederick folk who did their own central Michaux ride today.

Instead, I hung at the back of a long train with my tongue hanging out. I had the camera, but didn't get much chance to pull it out with the pace. Woulda loved to get some shots of the sticky green rocky trail on the way to Vista, or of the nervy high skinnies, or the buff ferns, or the slabs of Canyon. Some real quality trail in there, photos another time.....

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Taylord said...

Good work was done to save the moss though!