Monday, March 03, 2008

2008 Punk Bike SS Enduro

Some drinking games in the woods with some mountain bike intervals in between.

trail conditions warranted a 4.0 front tire for Chris. he didn't pinch, but he did have some fun on the slanty rock

Captain Buck and Jim Casey. Casey hosts the summer version of the Punk at the Liberty Reservoir.

Tony didn't get the e-mail that said to bring a drinking vessel

was fun riding the Fatty fixy. Trying not to use front brake was fun, logs were fun, but those small wheels, I don't know about that again.

Cheryl & Lee bring home the Glasswear & the Cottonwear for their efforts.
King & Queen Punks for 2008

Kudos to Mr & Mrs Outlaw, Jason, Nate, RickyD, Darius, Spearman, Kegley and all who helped put this on. I'm newly motivated to train in the Punk Style. No use waiting for the end of the ride any more.

Nearly all photos stolen from someone in attendance.


Bender said...

Officially my drunkest ride ever. Thanks for chasing me down Larry.

Matthew said...

ha! at least you didn't have to follow the bouncing pink bag after the beer stage... that was trouble waiting to happen.

diazapam said...
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gwadzilla said...

I wonder what that guy uses as a condom?