Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Super Slab

My glamor shot from the weekend, taken at one of my favorite spots in the Shed. That bike looks small, it felt small, but it was fun to ride. Now I'm searching eBay for a 1" steerer, 29er rigid fork, so I can 69 it and fall off that side of the fence. I hope I don't find one.

thanks to Spearman for the photos and race logistics


gwadzilla said...


where is the dress?

Icon O. Classt said...

Whoa, Blackbeard, howz about some lovin' for the photog? ;)

Nice seeing you on Sunday.

camps said...

You got it buddy,
I stole so many photos from Sunday, I can't remember where I got them all

neal said...

Don't try a 29er fork, it won't work. I don't think even a short, suspension corrected 26er fork (<425mm) will work with that old Fat geometry. You would be raising the front by 1.5" plus the additional fork ~length.
Your best bet is to try 650b.

HO said...

Some 26" forks can fit a 29" tire, Surly for example. So you can check that out. My 69er is totally off geometry wise and rides like a DREAM!