Saturday, March 08, 2008

the first SM 100


I found this gem while moving stuff off my old computer to a new one. I've been moving this file around to many computers since 1999. Figured, might as well let Blogger store it too.

This is from Oct 2, 1999. The original Labor Day date was flooded out from a hurricane. Extra points for anyone who can remember the hurricane name??

Director Sportif Carpenter made this video. It has a great account of the front of the race. Cool seeing the lead group of 4 familiar guys dwindle down to one. Chris actually raced the first race, and, crashed on cue for us. Amazing seeing Eatough charge into the FS 85 turn. That is certainly not how I feel at that spot. Enjoy!


buck said...

Good times fer sure.

Ernesto is my guess for the hurricane.

Barry said...

Think it wsa dennis.

Francis said...

All I remember about it was being damn cold crossing the river at the end. That and Buck stopping cause he thought me and Roman were adjusting our headsets.

Francis said...

Hey Larry, I think this is actually 2000.

camps said...

I thought it might be 2000 too, but didn't Chris race only the first one?

Anonymous said...

Great video. Thanks for sharing!

Nick said...

Has anyone seen Bill Moslow?

It was Dennis. 8-10 inches of rain and me camped in the field.
The make up date more than made up for it. Best weather for any of the 100's.

camps said...

I'd seen Moslow's name for a few years after in the results of various adventure races. I guess spending the night is more accepted in those kinds of races.