Friday, August 14, 2009


A lof of driving lately, with a lot more on the near horizon. Was laying down on the couch yesterday after returning from VA, trying to get a shorty nap before dinner. Thinking about the Wild this weekend; the cleaned but unreplaced brake cable, the un-cleaned bike, my stiff neck, the drive. and the next week. Oliver comes in and lays down with me and says "...I'm bored, you're bored, why don't we go to the skate park"? I think, 2 days before a big race? Sure, let's go see if can learn some new tricks.

We take bikes & skates, I borrow the neighbor's 20" out of his garage again. I can now say I've ridden a bike in a 1/2-pipe. That taller section shown above is carvable back & forth like a smooth berm. Hurts the legs a lot more than the pump track for some reason. Also learned the manual-to-hop up that small platform onto the ramp. At this rate, by age 50, I'll be able to do what's routine for a 12-year old.

We met the local old-man skater expert (who is responsible for the skate park) as he was finishing up the end of a skateboard class for kids. He and his crew travel on Sundays to various parks with pools and bowls. He loaned me a board so I didn't have to try the longboard on the pipe. I can still ride a pipe, though only in the backside direction. Tried a few frontside turns and ended up on the deck a couple times with some ramp burns.

Wondering what I'll learn at the Wild?? Maybe how to find Gay Knob for the last time?

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