Sunday, August 23, 2009

Bill day + 1

enjoying this unsecured network here,
I'm taking pics, I might as well post them here, I have no other outlet,
shitty camera, heavily cropped and adjusted to try to eek out a viewable image

this wreck either just became uncovered, or was pushed ashore a couple hundred yards down from the house

nice waves 30-miles away, around the bend at S-turns,
too much for us
didn't even try to attempt another paddle out on longboards
been here 2 full days. caught squat, and tomorrow looks like more south winds


brett said...

Sorry about the surf but I'm enjoying your beach reports and images.

Barry said...

Larry, Check out this video of that house in a nor'easter from last September. Apparently it is the house from "Nights in Rodanthe" Looks like Bill finished it off for good.

Hope the surf's getting better.