Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Something funny I learned about surf reports back in the phone-in days. When they were late, the surf was usually good. Not that it was really that good here, but something I could make. For Todd, it sucked, too weak and gutless for his 5'10 fish. Still really hard to make, and not that steep. Had to take off late every time to even catch it. Very little face time unless you could really get the board up to speed paddling in; or you weighed under 100lbs.

No pics, haven't had the pixel-grabber with me.

tomorrow says a foot or two bigger with good west winds.
then the wind switches as the surf builds from Danny and the winds come onshore.
So, tomorrow might be the last day to surf?


brett said...

I knew it.

Travis said...

Nice pics Larry! I've used them in my 8th grade class this week! The kids are lovin' this hurricane and surfing stuff.