Monday, August 24, 2009

Rodanthe again

most people here can actually surf
many others have decent cameras and this is some of their work
both swiped from Surfline

both of these shots are from Rodanthe yesterday, about the time that Barry and I were there.

it was onshore again here at the house so we drove up with Barry on his way off the island and went out there where it was side-offshore. we made the paddle this time, drifted a long long way, and took off on a few waves. I caught one, a small decent one, and got worked on the takeoff on all the others. my arms, shoulders, and back are so worked from the paddling, and it feels good to stretch the body in the opposite direction for a few days. a few weeks of this and my cyclist hunch would be mostly gone

I managed to take this one near the house

Todd arrives tomorrow with his family and quiver,
he surfs well, and would've had no problems tearing into the past 2 days

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