Monday, September 03, 2007

Shenandoah Mountain 100

My favorite day of every year starts with this view.

Another fun 100 miles in the bank. I had a good day, and got stronger (and stiffer) as the race went on. Was not 100% at the start, as I had some weird headaches and chills the day and night before the race. Had been spraying zinc for a few days as well just hoping/helping/wondering. I started fairly slow, and then had a minor mechanical going down Narrow Back as my handlebars slipped down a little cuz I didn't tighten my faceplate bolts tight enough. I fixed it quickly, but still watched about 50 folks roll on by.

Spent the rest of the day moving back on up through the pack, riding with friends, and mashing up the fireroads. Got to meet a few new friends on the course and at the party, including this guy. The party was good, possibly the strongest stage of the trifecta for me this year, and I think I reached my goal of a beer for every hour on the course for the first time. It's great to have long-term goals that take years to reach, but it feels better when you meet them, and this year, my drinking performance caught up to my biking performance. Certainly not enough to contend for the Rock Star award, but I was keeping those contenders within sight all night.

Thank you Chris Scott, Chris' family, Scud, SMBC, SBC, MORE, and everyone who makes this event the highlight of every cycling calendar. And special treats out to the fixy fools Tomi, Andy, Dominick, and Erin. Floyd said you all are "just stupid".

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Brian said...

Wish i could have kept up the yearly tradition.

We're in the midst o fthe rainy season here. Had planned on a doing our own longish ride, but got rained out after just 3 miles.

Before we go though, I'm promising to organize the first Volta 100. Might be km instead of miles though.