Monday, August 27, 2007

fueling my own stoke

Not that I'm looking past Shenandoah 100 or Teaberry, but these shots from the weekend on the Outer Banks (copped from Surfline) have me thinking about getting this lucky next month in Hatteras.


Jamie E said...

Hat rules! I hope to return to surf there some day. Cali so close from here...

enjoy the relaxing bobing in the water, waitng for the sets to roll in, swollen eyes and lips from the salt water at the end of the day...who knows it feels it...

Jamie E.

Tim Wise said...

I LOVE the outer banks! Nothing like a sesh at the lighthouse, then getting a apple ugly at Orange Blossoms.

camps said...

and u gotta hit the Orange Blossom quick before they run out and close for the day

gwadzilla said...

great hanging this weekend

it was good seeing you on the trail

you finished in front of me
you deserved to get the massage before me

what a great way to spend labor day weekend!

(see... I am already forgetting how much I hate the road from four to five)