Monday, August 20, 2007

Wilderness Jam

Kim's old roommate and friends have been putting on this show for 8 years. It's conveniently, always, the weekend after Labor Day, when I'm usually ready for a party weekend that doesn't necessarily involve double-digit hours on the bike. Wilderness Jam 2007.

It's roots are in the Grateful Dead, and for a few years even included Vince Welnick, the Dead's last keyboard player. It's also attracted lots of jam, hippy, funky, bluegrass, folk and others of a kind variety. This year, looks like the Jefferson Starship veterans are the headliners. These shows are 2-day, 2-night events that are a lot like a mini-Dead show. If you missed, or miss, those Dead style shows, here's one of the places where it's still happening.


barry said...

You just advertising for Arty or does this mean you all are coming?

camps said...

Not sure if we're coming, but advertising anyways..

Anonymous said...

the sm is enough dead for me in one week. which reminds me I need to get one of those nano players so I'm not repeating the same two lines of a crap song in my head all day long.

gwadzilla said...

hold on!

the Shenandoah County fair had 38 Special and the Oak Ridge Boys!