Monday, September 17, 2007


Finished up the Michaux Endurance Series yesterday, and had another good day on the bike. All day of course. Some of the best trails in the Forest are in this race, including one which I never ride, Rocky Ridge. I don't know why I never ride it, it is freakin' awesome! Or, as Rich and Jes said, it's "just wrong". Those 8 finishing miles were the fun of the day for me. Of course it didn't hurt running into Buddy up there, and Travis and Bender standing in the woods with a beer in one hand and.... That is the kind of trail made for my steed and me. If it were tilted downhill, like Stooges, it woulda been hell, especially 5 hours in. But it wasn't, and it was sweet.

I was certainly fully cooked at the finish, glad to have it in the books, and glad to have another race season behind me. Yes, that's probably it for me in 2007. Sounds really odd to think that my next race is 7 months away. I've put in three 50-milers, two 100-Ks, one 100-miler, and, at the other end of the spectrum, four roundy-rounds.

Happy to have another safe season done. As I say, all this shit is fun and all, but it's only truly cool if I can still ride with Oliver the next day.

Seeing Travis and Bender, and Lee, Keefer, Kent, Jay, and Colgan at the aid stations also made me think that next year I need to put in my work time, and not be a 3-for again. Next year, look for me holding the beer somewhere in a happy place.


andy said...

Keep on rollin' with the good and kind perspective, another season safely in the bag. Looking forward to some cool weather riding my friend.

Buddy said...

Nice ride on Sunday. Like you I am done as well. Mayb I will run into you on the trail.