Sunday, August 24, 2008

Hatteras pics

the shots I get with a 5-yr old point & shoot

one of Kim's favorite eateries, John's for fresh fried seafood. try the dolphin basket

The surf wasn't great, not at all. Not one single day of easy waves. Winds at 20mph out of the east-northeast really chopped up the surf for many days. Of the 8 days there, I caught at least something every day but one. I could bike down to the end of the street, and then walk to 1st jetty at the lighthouse. Did that for a few low-tide dawn and dusk patrols. One session I was the only one out at the lighthouse. That's a sure sign that either the surf really sucked, or 0630 was too early for everyone else. I did get some decent waves that session, with only one fisherman around.
Quigley came in Friday night and we got out a couple times at the Frisco Pier, and once at the house in Buxton. All 3 sessions were pretty tough, hard waves to paddle into. He caught some waves, and got worked pretty hard too. Said something about 100 miles on a mountain bike being easier than an hour on a surfboard.....

apparently, motorcycle flats are a lot more complicated than mountain bike flats. a wood screw controlled the next several days of our friend's life.

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Sajkovich said...

Don't forget the milkshakes at John's!