Saturday, August 30, 2008

changin' stuff

So I'm a little freaked out over that broken handlebar a couple months ago. I used a Fubar for a while, but it kept slipping, so I over-tightened the faceplate bolts and already started to crimp into the aluminum bar. Then I put on my old titanium White Brothers DH bar, which required 2 shims to bring it up to the 31.8 of my new Thomson stem. It slipped as well, and I got concerned with over tightening after TimmyD's broken faceplate problem at the 101.

Looking for stronger and/or thicker bars now. They don't seem to be made in the funky swept-back style I've gotten used to over the past 3 years. Maybe when Jones gets his new ti H-bars out,........ if I feel like plunking 4 bills??

I got Merv to order this Truvativ bar and I also have my eye on this cro-moly AtomLab one built by a BMX star who used to work at the shop with Quigley and me back in Lake Ridge in the 80s. He moved to Cali and started making bombproof parts for the jump and DH scene. A cro-mo bar built for dirt jumping and downhill certainly oughta be enough for my situation. So I'll be rolling the SM 100 with a new bar, the 4th bar that's been on my bike this week.
And when I wasn't wearing out the torque wrench on the 4mm bolts all week, I was changing rear tubes and trying to find a mysterious thorn that I got on the Weds. shakedown ride...., the first ride on a new tire. I guess it wasn't much of a shakedown ride if I've since replaced the bar, chainring, chain, and put in 2 more tubes. I guess I'll have plenty of time tomorrow to see what works... better start packing now....


fatbob29r said...

How about a set of Luv Handles?

camps said...

Those do look groovy, and I'd order one in a second, but I think there's an 8-month waitlist..