Tuesday, July 03, 2007

a Watershed moment

Wow, I can't rave enough about how fun the trails are in the Frederick Watershed. I got a late e-mail to join my old GWNF crew on a Shed ride on Sunday and it was cool to get to finally ride again with peeps like the Barrys Quigley & O'Melinn, Dan, Junkins, Nancy, Kara, Tom & Julie, and Cowtilly. These are the people I learned to mountain bike the big stuff with, and I miss not riding with them now.

And those trails. In the past few months I've ridden many places with great trails. Besides Michaux, I've ridden the State College/Rothrock Stoopid stuff, the Rothrock Tussey Ridge trails, Rattling Creek Singletrack, the Stokesville area, Marysville, and Blue Knob. And hands down, the most fun is the Frederick Watershed. Not Gambrill, but, the 'Shed. It's like Abigail, Buckets, and Canada Hollow. And then there's that low-speed-techy trail into Little Canaan, which is a little like Heaven or Hell. Oohhh mannn, I wanna go back there right now....

The last 3 times I've ridden the Shed in past few years, I've always thought "...damn, why don't we ride here all the time.."? The fun:work ratio is so much higher than the GW and Michaux.

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riderx said...

10 am on the 4th of July for a few hours, co-ed ride if ya want to join. Hamburg Rd.

Sorry I could not connect for this past weekend, still needed to rest the knee. It's not 100% but it's getting there. Drop a line when you want to come down this way again, I'm around the corner.