Friday, July 27, 2007

Wakefield final

My Wakefield gearing experiment is officially over for the season. Feeling a little lazy, or maybe a little silly, for changing my gear twice/week for the past month, I just left my Michaux 32x20 on for this week's Weds. at Wakefield race. That's 4 gears lower than I'd been running. It made a huge difference, and I dropped way down the table and got to see the backsides of more friends than usual. And since this was the SSers drag race, that view was a little different than usual too.

pic swiped from Gwadzilla

Huge thanks to Potomac Velo Club for putting on this annual highlight of the bike community's season.


gwadzilla said...

I hope that the check is in the mail for that picture!

gwadzilla said...


good seeing you

glad you made the drive home safely
I trust that you got Ollie to school on time

as excited as I am for Wakefield to happen
I also enjoy its close

that drive and all the anxiety that goes with it

it is something I can only endure so many times

if I do not see you sooner
I will see you at check point five at the SM100