Monday, July 16, 2007

the hundie-K

A few more miles in the books now, and I'm enjoying my recovery day at the computer chair. Sooo, peeps did show up after all. How 'bout that? I think we had 60-some starters for the 100K. Not as many as the 100 for Maximus, but way better than the pre-reg site looked.

I had a good race. No flats, no mechanicals, no funny belly. I had one silly front wheel wash on Abby that had me laughing like, WTF was that....? I also took a couple of idiot lines on 3-Mile as if I'd never ridden that trail before. I hope Churtle didn't see me dab those...

  • smilin' for the action sports photogs Tomi and Jake
  • Miller High Life courtesy of Tomi and Jake
  • seeing Lee and Travis hunting for carnage at some of the more interesting sections
  • some of the logs on Yellow Ridge
  • Methodist Hill, even the climb out wasn't as sucky as I expected
  • Canada Hollow, yummmy stuff here
  • Grave Ridge at 50-miles in (maybe this should be a low-light?)
  • riding with buddy Albert most of the day. he had more issues than I, otherwise, I'd have been solo much of the day
  • riding w/ Cheryl, and then watching Michele and Cheryl duking it out for miles. I'm not sure where exactly I passed Michele for the last time, but she sure looked broken. Don't mess with Le Turtle out there...
  • some of the logs on Yellow Ridge
  • every inch of trail after Grave Ridge until crossing 233 again. that stuff really messed with my finishing mood


Tomi said...

funny how some of those trails are only ever ridden on race day.....

Anonymous said...

Well done! I hope the beer was cold after a hot day.
Race route up Dug Hill rd, isn't that logged out? Was over there a few weeks ago and couldn't find way to top except via middle ridge rd.

And coming down Methodist, I crossed over powerline to left and followed a narrow track into trees and found nice trail down into big switchback on Griers Hollow Rd, seemed abandoned.

Congrats on 100k.

Anonymous said...

I guess there's no doubt about you doing all three of these aberrations. That's healty, but git some rest old timer.. the Gauley is calling.