Sunday, December 27, 2009


Always worth a paddle out. After a few days of forced recovery and rainy holidays, something was needed to reverse the calories in:calories out ratio. The mtn biking couldn't have been any good, and the 20+ hours of fog we had sucked most of the snow up into the lower atmosphere and destroyed the fledgling XC base. That fog also kept it too warm for the snow guns to work overnight, and kept the boilerplate away. yin yang

Couldn't rally the fam, so a solo to Whitetail sufficed. A fresh batch of tunes arrived from the north. Pizza boxed bootlegs, mellowing to a Led Zepp Cap. Centre '77 on the drive.

No lines, good soft snow, everything open. Even the new 1/2 pipe was open and pretty fun.

Always trying to get something out of everything, working on stretching out the transitions, to not be in such a hurry to make that next turn. Don't slam it, feel the nothing in between for a bit longer. Take a breath. Visualize what OMW and Buchness look like, both arms punching down the hill, ride the back pinky toe. Some clean runs down Bold and the Drop, some cleanliness in baby soft bumps, back to the 1/2-pipe for some carves, another try of the big gap.

It got warm after noon, started sweating out some white-chocolate bacon. Warm soft = Sticky. Work it harder. Get something out of everything. The pipeline and slope at White Grass are often sticky and rarely perfect. Ski the crap and ski it straight. Something.

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