Saturday, December 19, 2009

thanks Ullr

The best two days of Pennsylvania skiing I've ever had

lots of nice playgrounds

fun skiing w/ mtn bikers yesterday at Liberty, which had good snow deep into the weekend.
Sat. was Oliver's first day of powdah skiing at Whitetail. Can't say he's a huge fan of the deep, though Jody and Kim somehow twisted his arm enough to get him to try a few more runs before giving it up.

Where were the crowds??

Normally, this sign is spelled C-L-O-S-E-D, but Liberty decided to open a few runs with natural snow only, no grooming. I give 'em a ton of credit for that. You don't get that around here much, and it made for some fun terrain despite a few rock bites.


brett said...

glad you guys had a good weekend! i have to admit, as sweet as XC was, there was a part of me that wanted to go hit the pow on my board--it needs to be in its natural element. how many times out here can you use a wide 170 deck at its potential?

camps said...

I felt the same, but opposite. I often felt guilty riding lifts and not being in the Beloved. Tipping points were:
- powder at a resort is even rarer than powder in michaux
- the powder in michaux will still be there tonight
- skiing with mtb-ers is fun

Anonymous said...

Best snow I can remember at Liberty. Glad we bumped into you. I forgot how much I love sliding around on planks. Can't wait to do more of it this year.