Thursday, December 31, 2009


in report mode...
surprised to wake up to a few inches of dry enough snow,
didn't think skiing would be in the mix today
thought that warm layer would be in place
quickly rallied the boy and drove up under a quiet sky
unlike yesterday, no crowd on the gravel or the white

nice soft snow again
it's tough to keep Oliver out there even when it's good
after an hour, he's asking how many more runs before we can go home
found an interesting tree run and some snacks in the pocket to eek out a few more runs
Oliver skied the big lift better than ever, and did the Drop In to get back to the car with little trouble
happy enough to call it an early day
having that pass is key to short bursts of guilt-free enjoyment

WT's new glade

pic by Julie
yesterday, w/ the famous Outlaw couple, there was good snow and a big crowd.
these folks on this lift missed a lot of time, and came down on the evac rope.

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