Tuesday, May 20, 2008


My giddy plans for an all-day southside Sunday ride were quickly changed an hour or so from the lot on Rocky Ridge. Though I began the day with good kharma, my chain fell off twice, and then this happened upon remount after fixing the second chain drop. It's pretty damn unusual for me to have 3 mechanicals in an hour.

We tried on the trail to get this shard out with my Swiss Army pliers, but instead, we kept breaking off pieces, making it lower and even harder to grab. I'd hoped to put the shortened post back in, and at least ride Mackey Run w/ a BMX-height saddle. That wasn't happening.

I left Lee and Travis, and turned around on Rocky Ridge headed out to the road. I messed around checking out some of the numerous horse-signed trails and double-tracks headed back to Rocky Ridge, trying to at least learn some trails on my solo ride back. Then the drizzle changed to a harder rain, and I stood up the hills, and sat on my top-tube on the descents back to the car. Jumped on the trail to Teaberry instead of climbing Cold Springs Rd. Discovered the different muscles used when you stand and lean forward the whole time.

Back at Teaberry, it was full-on pouring rain. Stripped and changed, then almost felt guilty grabbing beers from Travis' cooler (hey, you insisted...). Thought of them, and how they'd now be at about the farthest point from Teaberry, and at the bottom of the mountain. Wondered about their mental state.......

Had a bit of a time getting the shard out. I hacksawed halfway down the slit, then vice grips grabbed enough bite to pull out. I'm damn lucky I went through this BS a few weeks ago and had a freshly lubed post and all. Otherwise, I don't know if that shard would've ever come out if it was still oxidized in there.

The sky cleared later in the day, and after a 2-minute nap, I took Racer-X and 9 of his small friends (and 2 other dads) on a tour thru town hitting the usual fun spots.

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