Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Buzzard Rocks or Hoo Ha?

Don't know what to do this weekend. Haven't raced the Hoo Ha in years, not since the new buff trail was built. Am considering not doing the XXC for once, and going down Sunday w/ Martin just for the regular loop, and maybe hitting the pump track in town on the way.

Saturday is the first quasi-unofficial-not-by-the-book race on Massanutten East, from Veach Gap to Buzzard Rocks. How can I pass that up? There might be very few racers though, and not many friends. Family things that day might make that one either easier to do, or more difficult. Wishy-washy as always when the whole fam is involved.
One thing for sure, I really want to race somewhere this weekend....
Anyone else going for either of these?

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