Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Council meeting for pump track

Got it!....

Presented the case for a pump track to the Town Council last night. I wanted to show a video to help everyone better understand what they look and ride like.

I was using PowerPoint and had to figure out how to get YouTube videos to work inside Powerpoint. I also wasn't sure if I'd have an internet connection in the meeting, so I wanted it to fly without that. I downloaded a couple of free softwares, and jumped thru a few steps to get them working in PowerPoint without a connection.

The videos were all too long and would lose the Council's interest, so I learned how to edit clips, and put multiple clips together with music. Got it done in the wee hours, and this is what I showed last night. It ain't gonna win any ESPYs, but it sufficed. We got the approval to move on to the next step!

Today, checking out the site with some of the key people.


BUCK said...

That video made me hugry!

mmmmmm puuuump traaaaack.

Anonymous said...

Great Job Larry.