Sunday, April 13, 2008


Did the happy Cupcake ride today and worked real hard on what shouldn't really have been too hard of a loop. We followed most of the Sport loop, though we added in some fun stuff like Grave Ridge and Community Service. We also did "My Favorite", but I think that's actually part of the Sport loop?
I used Mr. Miller's pump before the start, and I surmise that his pump must be a helluva lot better than mine. 40psi on his gauge felt a whole lot stiffer than 40psi on my pump. It beat the snot outta me and I was bouncing all over the place and working extra hard to keep it under control. After a couple stops to let air out, I was finally feeling more normal, though of course I probably let too much out since I felt the rear rim twice. My handling came back though, but I felt quite blown by the beating, and struggled to hang onto the back of the pack for the rest of the day.

We did about 24-26 miles in 4 hours. No one suggested climbing up Dead Woman, Woodrow, or Jake's. Going down to Tobacco Patch, Red's Trail, or Hogs Head was not even a question. Doing those, means 3 more bottom-to-top climbs. We did one of those today, and it seemed like plenty.

Looking back to my posts a year go, finds a similar whiny peice about pre-riding the fiddy. Hopefully I'll get it together by race time again.

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"No one suggested climbing up Dead Woman, Woodrow, or Jake's."