Monday, April 21, 2008

Was cool to get to meet some of the other crew of the Single Speed Outlaw Team
from Tony

Especially when they roll like this
from Baler

I had a couple interesting moments on the course, one I was witness to, and the other was almost my own undoing. I think it was on my second lap, in a fast line of 3 ripping thru the pines near the end of the lap. I'm 3rd wheel, my City Bikes friend Mike Scardaville is 2nd wheel. I can tell Mike wants to pass and I was gonna try to pass along behind him. We hit a straightaway section, Mike stands up and moves out of the draft of the lead rider, gets his first power stroke started, and then immediately grabs all of his front brake when he sees the 12" pine tree right in front of him. He was able to make the bike endo enough to slow down his impact with the tree. But, heavy impact it was, broken helmet, head & shoulder impact etc. It looked like he was going into shock, he was hyperventilating and it took me a while to get him to slow down his breathing while I checked the back of his jersey for any bones sticking out or growing red spots. His bike was fine, his legs were fine, and eventually we discovered that his upper body was good enough too and I got him to stand up and finish the lap. I think he may have skipped a lap or two, but he was able to finish the race.

On my 3rd lap, I find myself surprisingly alone on the course as the crowd had already dispersed by then. So, I decided to play a little on some of the auxiliary rocks and alternate freeride lines that were built along the course, but not part of the course. I'd noticed this ladder-to-rock-to-ladder ramp on my other laps that looked interesting. I did not check the bottom on either of those laps. So, up I go onto the first ladder and onto the long flat rock, about 4' off the ground. Down the other ramp, and then I notice the bottom rung is broken. I can tell immediately that I can't just skip the last rung with some sort of wheely drop or other move. I also can't just ride off the side and bail since there's no safe zone around (is this IMBA approved?). I notice the stringer. The round fencepost stringer.

I also had the most interesting passing experience in my racing history. It's still daylight, I don't know what lap. I come up quickly on a guy in a pink well-known bike company jersey. When I reach his wheel, I coast, and my Chris King hub goes into it's attack whirrrrr sound. We pass a couple people at a campsite set up by itself in the middle of the course. I make a joke about them wanting wilderness and solitude. As I'm saying this, we hit a wide section and I creep up on his left, still talking. The following conversation ensued. Yes, you'll see that I could have ended it, but I couldn't resist, and kept feeding him:
He shouts: "I'll be the rider you're now passing"
he: "anything I can do to make your passing experience more enjoyable, let me know..."
me: "Dude, relax, I thought I let you know by talking and moving up slowly..." He then sees my class marking on my leg.
he: "Oh, you're in my class too, now I really hate you"
me: "Sorry man, go ahead, pass me back, I'm not racing you, or anybody"
he: "OK, sure, I forgive you. I'll forgive everybody...."
me: "..well, you pretty much have to forgive everybody, otherwise you're gonna be pissed off at everybody...."
Luckily then, I fall off the front and out of earshot.

I had another aggro pass made around me later on, by another member of the same jersey. Too funny.


Chris said...

funny...most everyone out there was very cordial when it came to passing or being passed.

but...the few that weren't were pretty bad.

my wife and i were both solo and riding a lap together when a super aggro-dude passed her without a word and clipped her elbow sending her to the ground hard.

he didn't say a word. no "are you ok" no "i'm sorry" he just kept riding.

so she starts yelling "WTF?"

then he starts yelling back at her, cussing, and says "I barely touched you"


riderx said...

90% of the people have manners on the course, but there's always a few rotten apples. Julie had one bad passing experience in a tech section and one pass on the right that didn't let it be known until he was into the pass.

I always try to be super friendly and communicate a lot. It goes a long way.

pabiker said...

So this is where all my friends went that weekend.

DaveG said...

Damn Joe, I hope that wasn't me. I passed Julie in one section where I thought I had a LOT more room. I apologized but I still felt like a complete dick. :(