Friday, April 11, 2008

Half Moon

Have any of you folks, particularly GWNF fans seen this? Not surprised if you haven't since it doesn't seem too well promoted. I think it is a cross country race in the Fort Valley. I also think they are saying there's a pump track in Strasburg. I think they've made something bike-related out of the Waterlick Grocery? Anyone know anything??

I would love to race on those trails. Hope it happens.


Anonymous said...

Yea, I think his name is Matt. I recall him saying he moved his shop from Strasburg.

camps said...

Is this the same outfit as the one at the Milford Gap/Ft. Valley Rd. intersection? I haven't been on Ft Valley Rd in so long I've never even seen the shop.

Anonymous said...

The shop is located right at the interseciton of Fort Valley road and Rt.55 in that little old store right there at the Waterlick town sign.

Wondering if that name is a nod to the big wave riders on the west coast?

pabiker said...

Next time you are preaching a sermon at waterlick why don't you just ask?