Saturday, March 31, 2007

token post

It's been a while since words filled this space. I've actually been biking more than blogging lately, how 'bout that? I see my last post was about skiing. Skiing seems so far away already, and it's just been a couple weeks.

Have done a bunch of short road rides, and one medium one, and have had a few good mountain bike rides. Last weekend was the first local crew ride since before the snows took over, and it was a big, fun group. The ride was a bit chaotic, but it was cool seein' everyone out again.

One day last week, Darius' friend from State College drove down for an afternoon ride. His friend is working with Chris Scott to put on the Stoopid 50 in June. We rode southern Michaux from Mont Alto for almost 4 hours, and finished up on what is by far, my favorite trail in Michaux. It's named "Heaven or Hell", and to me, is pure heaven. It's the closest trail I've ridden so far that is anything close to Buzzard Rocks type terrain (from the GWNF). It's a long descent, very low speed, sketchy rock sections, serious drop-off penalties on many sections, ledges to bridge and lots of cool balance moves. Darius started building this trail a couple years ago and has taken folks on it, but none, no one, ever wanted to ride it again. We spent a few work sessions on it over the winter and have it in fine shape right now. Can't wait to start showing some of my GW pals this trail. They'll be very happy. Will get some pics of it posted soon. It was nearly dark when we rode it the other day, and we had no time to stop for photo ops.

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