Sunday, April 01, 2007

Buzzard Rocks pics

Nick Daniels, Nov 2004

Here are a couple shots from Buzzard Rocks Trail, GWNF near Front Royal. Been talking it up so much around here that I thought I better put up something. I got these 2 published in The Riders Eye. My first and only photos published any where. This trail is so photogenic, and under-ridden, that they'll probably publish any shot from there.

Barry O'Melinn, May 2005


riderx said...

Andy and I hit Eliz. Funance/Woodstock tower on Saturday. I need to ping you about trail we spotted from the tower, the next ridge over to the east.

Matt McHale said...

Pick me up at Waterlick next time you come through, I think I have a trail too on the west side of the tower.
Peace, Matt