Tuesday, March 13, 2007

no turns

I skied Whitetail a couple times in the past few days, and I didn't make a single telemark turn. I skied a wedge down every run. And it was good! How can that be? I skied behind Oliver, holding onto a kid's ski leash.

This is Oliver's 3rd winter wearing skis. He's not actually skied much, but wearing skis around the backyard, the living room, hiking trails and such all helps. Plus, he's had several real ski lessons at Whitetail this season. And to help instill a love of snow play, I've taken him sledding every single day we could sled since he was born.

But he doesn't actually love skiing. He made these comments in the past week:
"I wish winter only lasted for one day"
"I'm bored with skiing, can't we just go home now"
"I wish Whitetail would just close"

I have this dream of O and me taking road trips every winter weekend to somewhere fun to ski, West Va, New York, Vermont. I think it'll be a few more years....

The other night, on the way home from Whitetail, I asked him what was his favorite part. He said, "riding the chair lift". After a few more minutes he said, "..you know what my favorite part was? Going fast."


buck said...

Way to go dadd-o.

andy said...

Whatever dad does is eventually not going to be cool. He'll be taking it to a different level just to prove you're old, and really rub your face in it someday.. :)

tlc said...

Aw, cute. You know I spent my first winter of skiing lessons (at 5 y. o.) with a stomach ache every saturday afternoon so I could avoid the scary chairlift. Which I fell out of. Repeatedly. He'll come around.

Anonymous said...

ollie is cool!