Monday, February 19, 2007

missed this boat, big time

OK, so you folks have been reading about me telling you all how great it is here in PA, and how I've been scoring on all these epic rides, snow rides, and ski sessions. Well, it's become pretty clear that I definitely missed the conditions of the year for both skis and bikes. Who the hell woulda thought that the same weather event would cause both to go off the charts?? I guess that thick, solid, sleet crust that everyone south and east of Chambersburg got was great for biking on trails, because it was so solid, that you didn't bust through. And apparently the snow north and west of Chambersburg was a lot better than my 2 days at Whitetail would lead me to believe.

These various quotes from friends have brightened my inbox in the past several days. I was coordinating with some of these guys about a xc ski, but I never could pull the trigger on a decision, and just took the easy default, Whitetail.

It started off from Tomi (doesn't it always), who was the first on it Friday at Blue Knob,
"handful of runs with first/second/third tracks to start, then picked apart the edges.....
......some noiiiice knee deep stashes to make the day....."

from a western PA mountain bike friend about x-c skiing Laurel Mountain
"Larry, By far the best conditions of the year. There was 8 inches of new powder on a 2 foot base."

now for the biking crew,
from buddy Andy Neal about riding in his neighborhood
"...I just finished another insane ride here at the lake, so enjoyable, other worldly. I rode the lake for over a mile.. mid 20's psi and it was like slickrock.
......I've stayed local and having a blast, 4 rides in 3 days. I feel like a kid and bruised all over. "

from Scudamore, I guess even Wakefield has gone all time.
"Unbelievable!! The hookie ride this morning was surreal. It was like riding slickrock. I have never ridden the trail system at Wakefield so fast. The Jeep Road was like a superhighway. As was the non race course stream valley section. We also rode behind the ReCenter in the fields it was like I was a little kid again."

this from the understated, soft-spoken Joe Whitehair about riding the Watershed,
"Conditions have been crazy fun but will be gone by Tuesday."

oh yea, and how about White Grass?? Outta the freakin ballpark! How 'bout these few choice and painful words from Chipper.
"every-few years epic conditions!"

"Every few years epic conditions..." Can you believe that? And what the hell was I doing but sitting on a chairlift with my thumb ....... Nuff said. Time to lick my wounds and figure out how to not miss the next "50-year storm" (name that cheezy movie). Yea, yea, I know I just wrote about how cool it was to ski the past couple days with friends, and it was. I just didn't know I was missing epic everywhere else. I sure hope this warm week isn't the end of winter.

And just for kicks, check out what else was happening from this storm. I hope my nephews scored this one.

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