Sunday, February 18, 2007

downhill slide

Why does downhill skiing hurt so much more than uphill skiing? I can ski all day when I have to make my own way to the top, but only a few hours of lift-served skiing burns the hell out of the legs. The local x-c skiing hasn't been that great since our ice storm. I went back out to Sideling Hill for some more exploring and definitely found some trails which will be much better after this snow softens up or gets more fresh. Found a nice gradual descent into the Roaring Run drainage. A steep, smooth fall line doubletrack bisects this drainage giving skiable lines on both sides and both aspects. It's damn steep too, and would definitely require me to bring the heavy gear and helmet. A bit on the narrow side as well. That particular spot would be worth bringing the skins to, but the rolling trail in and out might be a pain with the skins.

I missed 2 good chances to x-c ski out in western PA and instead hit Whitetail the past 2 days . Whitetail is about as good as it gets right now, and it's the first time I've ever seen their half-pipe open (not that that matters to me). Yesterday I shared a couple chair rides and runs with a pair of telemarkers and their snowboarder friend. Turns out we know each other from the Wild 100 and other mtn bike scenes. Chad and TJ are damn fine tele skiers too. Today started off in a little snow squall which would've really made for a great day, but it didn't last long. Met up with Quigley, Buchness, Tom & Julie, and Dianna and skied a few hours with them. Good stuff, no rest, a few mogul runs. I think I want to spend some more time in those moguls before they melt away in March. Think I'll take my shorter, softer, and lighter Atomics on them and see if I can't learn something.

What to do tomorrow? Maybe Oliver and I can find some more snow somewhere.

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Tomi said...

yo! glad you got some while the gettin' is good. Blue Knob was a blast, Gunbarrel headwall at RT was money on Saturday and then Sunday, was long day.