Wednesday, February 07, 2007

9 degrees F

I have to say, that I think I just had my second best mountain bike ride ever tonight. Still my favorite ride by far was an unexpected treat about 10 years ago with Misters Quigley & Junkins down the Duncan Hollow Trail. A few inches of snow turned that otherwise ordinary 4-mile descent into a sublime experience. We probably only touched our brakes about 10 times in those 4 miles. Using snow-pillowed rocks as moguls to check our speed when necessary; and rest assured, we were quite safe.

And tonight, in Michaux, was a reaalll close 2nd. Darius and I got out to Michaux around 8:00 tonight, and rode Ditch Trail, LollyPop, and Heislers Campsites in 2"-3" of fresh, dry snow. The snow arrived overnight, and the temps all day never got above 22 degrees, so the snow was perfect dry powder, no crust at all, Just incredible.

I'm not a good enough writer to describe how fun it is to ride in perfect snow. Those who know, know.

I've been riding with Darius since Oct., and neither of us has flatted in all that time (other than a roll off). Tonight, we both flatted, no doubt from thorns somewhere on a trail. Changing a flat when it's 9 degrees adds a certain amount of calmness. Seriously. And surprising.

my 3rd best mountain bike ride might just be last week's snowy night ride w/ Darius, Heisler, and friends. What is it about snow rides.

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Anonymous said...

I actually packed up my gear monday night with the idea of crashing that ride. Now I feel like a chump for not following through, gosh darn that looks refreshing!- AN