Saturday, March 06, 2010

who knew

Snaggy morning

Nice having had a full month of snow deep enough in the local. Watching the snowpack and surface change through the stages of freeze & corn. Usually our snow only goes from fresh to worse. It doesn't usually corn cycle for 3 weeks. It doesn't usually get better over time.

The woods were totally solid in the mornings.
Hard to get an edge hold with the skinny gear, the down off the ridge meant traversing and snaking down and up, down and up, around trees, over the logs, around the rocks. imagine doing this same line on wheels

warmer became edgeable, dance on a skinny ski, p-turns, t-turns, step turns miss the trees. skiing overbooted on the pavos was a good idea.

this line bore repeating many times and a return visit
the return visit showed snow snakes coming out of the month-long hibernation, more rocks poking up. but everywhere there was snow, you could depend on it, and only used the top few inches of a still solid base

Hope everyone got out and got some of this,
it won't be here next weekend,
maybe good for one more paddle out there.....

the 10 & 14 day maps look good
the base will not

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