Monday, March 22, 2010

the end

what a season
the suby eeked out one more family trip to the Valley to finish it off (the season, or the car?)
party atmosphere everywhere
6 pair of skis taken
5 pair used
a 3-hour tour for K & O

camping was chill,
in the 20s chill

arriving home it was obvious the earth has turned
the wool weekend garb changed to sandals and short sleeves
daffodils and tulips well out of the ground
saw not one speck of green in WV other than the spruce and moss

anyone have an Outback they want to buy, sell, or trade?


Anonymous said...

the end. but also the beginning - dust off the saddle and let's go.

brett said...

every new beginning is some other beginning's end...looks like it was a great time last weekend.