Sunday, October 04, 2009

ramp fairies

Got out for a real shorty this afternoon before a Ship show with Kim. Climbed Green Ridge to the Teaberry lot, and dropped on down the twisty. Passed the snowmobile descent and onto the buff. Swung close to the 'biler trail again, and then twisted down gradually for another couple miles.

Wrap the mind around the silent solo flow. Dial it back a notch knowing no one knows where you're at and you have tickets for a 7:30 show. Off the back a few times, looking for playful hits. Tuck that elbow, swing around an almost bermy curve, and get ready for the log. Over the wheel, stretch out the legs, loosen the elbows, line it up, and and SEE A PHUKKING RAMP!!!!! On a 24", old, stripped hardwood. This wouldn't even garner a photo in the RNR.

Ramp fairies, endemic to Virginia, have made their way to Michaux.
This anomalous trail. Twisty, not rocky. gradual downhill. Some would definitely call it "flowy". I don't know its name. I call it that moto trail off the snowmobile trail. It parallels this road and then that road. I wonder if the motos are making these ramps? Are there moto fairies out there?

I don't know how people define flow. Could have 20 different definitions.
I think near the top of the list has to be "no need to tap the brakes". Going downhill for a mile or two, and barely having to brake or pedal is what I call flow. This moto trail near the snowmbile trail was buff, but they ain't gotta be that way. Huckleberry Trail at Spruce Knob has flow, and you sure as hell can't call that buff. Parts of Massanutten ridge, Douthat, Lawnmower Trail. Fishermens trails often have flow. Rocky ridge trails usually have flow. Abigail has it. Those science projects off Ridge road. Connect the dots, make the best of what geology provides. How do you make flow when you have to get from up there on the ridge to down here at the creek?


brett said...

never trust a fairy.

Buck said...

NO farries in Tuscarorra. Just F-L-O-W. The way it should be.

brett said...

say nothing about that place. you want it ruined?

Travis said...

Wow, I wonder how Abbie got it's name?
Its funny how we used to try and clean it. It is such a classic line and one of the best ridges out there. Such a test piece in a whole different way.

Anonymous said...

I love the flow of your story and your writing. nice.