Tuesday, October 13, 2009

a nice run

Have had 3 Michaux rides in the past 5 days. I feel like a logstar. I didn't get that much in during any part of the prep season. I got to ride with some kids from the BOPR that I've never ridden with before. Have known them all, but never ridden with them. They were pretty tolerant of my chattyness and alternate line choices.

Another qwality loop, this one pretty concentrated for 2 hours before dark. There are some worthy lines in the Caledonia area. Some nice logs in that sector.


brett said...

very nice. i've had none in the past 5 days. lots of driving around, though.

Anonymous said...


maybe we should consider this?

pabiker said...

The legendary 40 foot log ride is in Caledonia as well as a very tricky stone dam you can ride.