Wednesday, September 02, 2009

What a change the cool temps of this week compared to the brutal UV exposure of last week in Hatteras. It's hard to put the surf buzz behind and the 100 is looming. Bike is ready, rear brake seems fixed, and I'm well rested after not riding since the Wild 100. Finally went to a doctor today to x-ray my hand from that stupid-ass log ride crash at the entrance to Camp 1 Trail about 6 weeks ago. He thinks it was fractured, but it's healing up just the way he'd want it to. So, nothing more to really worry about other than the 18 months it'll take for the pain to go all away. My hands/fingers/wrists take quite a beating in this sport, and riding rigid has little to do with it. It's the interface with the ground that does me.

a couple more iconic shots of S-Turns. credit here again
those who know this spot understand what all the fuss is about,
those who don't know it either as the setting for a recent romance movie or an unusual place for a traffic jam

it's kind of funny seeing the surfers juxtaposed with all the romance novel tourists coming to have their pictures taken at this house. the house won't be there for long, so at least some of the crowd will drop off
BTW, that house was built in 1988, and was the second house from the beach at that time

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