Sunday, September 13, 2009

the money loop

a content rich loop
an ass kicker,
felt like it took us 4 hours to go 8 miles or so
lots of features to keep you entertained
loved those logs on SW
some pics here from Travis Has A Blog
Mackey got the better of me once again; that trail is the hardest concentrated 2 miles I've ever tried to ride. Like being under attack, just one punch after another coming your way. Look out for this, but don't miss that either...

somewhere along the ride on the next couple trails I may have lost my motivation to race Teaberry. After Spruce Knob-Wild 100-Shenandoah 100, I may be satiated for a while. Rich may have gained an extra worker for next week... we'll see..

Master Mule

Tomi no fixy
workin it hard and
showing that there was something going on before his road racing VT days

if I ever grow up, I want to be like Potts the Legend,
ran into him, M. Eatough, and Morningstar and they jumped in with our group.
Potts happily sessioned the more entertaining lines. Also ran into Kent shepherding a pair around, and I know that an MBM splinter group was also in the area, plus the regular ride heading southy from Caledonia.
With last week's 75-person pre-ride, the woods seem popular these days


brett said...

where's that pump track?

Todd said...

I think that one belongs to The Mule.