Monday, July 20, 2009

comfortably average

It's been a long time since I've had a race that I didn't consider disappointing. I'm hoping I've covered at least one of my reasons for slowness with liquid calories. I think I did last year's Teaberry 50 with about 200-300 calories for the whole day because my stomach felt full every time I tried to eat something. Similar stories at the 100 and 101 last year. So yesterday, I drank 280 calories per hour for the first 4 hours, then ate a couple gels after the last aid. BTW, where the hell were the beers at aid 3?? That calorie drink also had caffeine in it, which was a good thing since I couldn't fall asleep Saturday night, and finally dozed from 4:00-6:30 AM. Maybe quitting the beers and drinking 3 pints of this electrolyte mix between 10 & midnight wasn't a good idea before sleep (supposedly no caffeine in there, but maybe something else)? Yea, I'm still learning this racing game, maybe I'll just go back to straight beers....

Fun Stuff
- having Barry here for the weekend and pump tracking, eating, and hydrating
- riding with Jody, Jolson, and Albert. Been several years since I could keep up with Albert in a race of any distance. Though he might have had problems yesterday, a broken frame, stem, fork, or bone might have knocked him out of the race. Either that, or he got around me somewhere without me noticing (Lollipop?) and finished, and hit the road long before I got in?
- was fun riding with Kegley & Todd
- the Campsite trails
- Kim and Oliver making it there, and Oliver winning the kids race (and saying he wants a much longer race)
- Roy Ritz

Not so fun
- Wigwam
- that trail at the bottom of Canada Hollow
- a friend's bad back being bad


swithers said...

i sat in a chair for 10 min and drank a beer at rest stop 3, maybe they were out when you got there??

brett said...

dang, i missed kegley and todd. didn't see them. fast albert broke a spoke and bent his back wheel, resulting in him dropping out.

Barry said...

That was a good time. Thanks for having me.

That race kicked my butt.

You forgot to add Brandon's off-the-hook birthday party and Kim's incredible enchiladas to the "Fun" list.

Todd said...

Brett, we weren't there. Not sure what Camps is talking about. You know we would have hung out and had beers with you all.

pabiker said...
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pabiker said...

Kegley was with me in Rothrock riding new trails near Shingletown Gap.

Camps is going senile?

Rob said...

Post Traumatic Flashback perhaps?

Races are tough, and the 40 miler I'm sure was crazy.

brett said...

It was a dig at Todd and Kegley for NOT showing up...he's sly, that Camps.

Todd said...

Ah, I thought that might be the case.

I had it on the schedule, but, scraping and sanding the bottom of the sailboat took priority. Maintaining a boat sucks!

camps said...

I hope you're getting your longboard ready for next month too

brett said...

Someone told me a boat is a hole in the water you throw your money in. Not really different from bikes, though, I guess.

Anonymous said...

The question is, are you ...

A. a slacker and damn good at it, or

C. a non-slacker that tries to be a slacker and fails at it.

I'm voting for C.